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Aluminium Senior Pressure Cooker Gasket

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SKU: 60002
Wash the cooker body/lid regularly with Soapy water. Do not use the caustic soda. Dry Immediately
Always store your pressure cooker with lid open
Read Recipe/Instruction Booklet carefully for more details
If after long use, the rubber gasket leaks, lightly stretch it diagonally to extend life.
When Not in use, remove the rubber gasket from the lid and store in a cool place
Never fill the unit over 2/3rd full. in case of solids, don't fill the unit over 1/2 full.
During Cooking/Serving, don't tap the rim with spoons, etc., as this will nick it and allow steam to escape, even with a new gasket
Don't leave it standing in the water as it can reduce shining
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